Trump Train Event: Cancelled

Posted on: September 10, 2019
Tags: Chairmans Update

Trump Train Event is Cancelled

All tickets already purchased will be refunded

The Warren County Republican Party has learned that, over the last week, certain local organizations involved in the Trump Train event have been threatened/harassed over involvement in the Trump Train event. We also know that the event has caused them to be subject to a great deal of negative attention. As a result, they have decided to no longer have any affiliation in the Trump Train event.  The Warren County Republican Party understands that these event participants are acting in the interest of protecting their operations, employees, and customers. However, without their participation, the event cannot be held. Accordingly, the event is being cancelled and all already-purchased tickets will be automatically refunded.

To be clear, the Warren County Republican Party and/or the Republican Women of Warren County contracted with private organizations to host a family-friendly event. Countless hours of volunteer work and thousands of dollars were spent planning an afternoon filled with music, entertainment, food, and, of course, train rides. We were anticipating a large turnout from across the entire southwest Ohio region.

All of these activities will no longer happen due to the harassing and threatening behavior of certain individuals.  It's unacceptable that some in our community would threaten and harass local organizations simply because they agreed to provide a service for a local Republican party.  There is an increasingly vocal part of society that is determined to use threats and intimidation to prevent everyday Republicans and conservatives from engaging in normal activities in public. This is dangerous, chilling, and a threat to the health of our Republic.   Our very ability to peaceably assemble is under attack from people who are determined to threaten us and anyone/organization we associate with.

We will not stand for it.

In the meantime, the Warren County Republican Party encourages everyone to support our local businesses---and please wear your Trump 2020 or other favorite GOP shirt while doing so.  Let everyone know that we will not be intimidated and forced into silence.

Thank you for your continuing support of the Warren County GOP.


For additional information, please contact Jeff Monroe, Chairman of the Warren County Republican Party at