Posted on: October 31, 2016
Tags: Press Release

Man arrested in manure case has no current party affiliation


Contact:  Jeff Monroe

Chairman, Warren County Republican Party (Ohio)

 “We are thankful that a man has been arrested for dumping a truckload of manure in the parking lot of the Warren County Democrat Headquarters in Lebanon, Ohio,” said Jeff Monroe, Chairman of the Warren County Republican Party in Southwest Ohio.

 James R. Pinell, 47, of Lebanon, is charged with one count of criminal mischief, a third degree misdemeanor. Pinell will be arraigned on November 3 in Lebanon Municipal Court.

 "This guy has no current party affiliation and is not involved in the GOP.  Kudos to the Warren County Sheriff's Department for solving this case quickly," added Monroe.

 When he learned of the situation this past weekend, Monroe offered to help local Democrats clean up the mess. His offer was refused.

 Monroe also pointed out that, “According to Board of Elections records, Pinell didn’t even vote in the March 2016 primary,” and that “the Warren County BOE's website shows Pinell voted in only three of the last 14 elections.”